If you're just watching for progress, here is where I report what I've been working on.

Commentary Date Activity Brief
  3/28/04 Uploaded .96 of everything. It's been too long between releases. With this one I finish out the container objects adding #set and #bag. These are documented in the tutorial. Persistance to file of all these objects is completed but needs documentation and more testing.
  1/30/04 Uploaded .95 of everything. Added $** for verbose inline debug display of objects. Added documentation pages for #dict and #idx. Bags (#bag) and Sets (#set) are coming. Added persistence file features as dyadic #dict and #idx (Note: I'm postponing documentation and examples of these file persisted objects until next time when they've had more testing). Examples also in new stuff (R95
  12/23/2003 Uploaded .94 of everything. Added index (#idx) object. Examples in new stuff (R94)
  12/21/2003 Uploaded .93 of everything. Added dictionary object. Examples in new stuff (R93). (there were some very minor bugs in the 12/19/2003 upload. I fixed them with this upload but decided not to bump the version number as I expect persistent #dict to follow-on very shortly)
  12/19/2003 Uploaded .93 of everything. Added dictionary object. Examples in new stuff (R93).
  11/23/2003 Uploaded .92 of everything. Continued work on serialization. Examples are in new stuff (R92) for now.
  11/17/2003 Uploaded .91 of everything. Add "catenate to" ( ,=> ) for file objects. Add object serialization ( %->> ) and de-serialization ( %<<- ) for numeric, string, sequence, bit, block, pgm, op, and clock objects. More to do. Documented in new stuff (R91) for now.
  10/15/2003 Uploaded .90 of everything. . Found some leaks. Fixed some bugs. Returned to copying arguments into program local namespace (reversing upload 0.89). Keeping them in a separate namespace had too many bad side effects. I've added bit twiddling code so Glee could see and manipulate bytes and bits. The new operators are convert (%%%) and endian (>%<). This allows manipulation of data in common layouts at the machine level. It is a necessary next step towards reading and writing to binary files.
  9/14/2003 Uploaded .89 of everything. . Added Case study 17: Morse Code. Minor bug fixes related to formatting operator (%*). Changed semi-documented glyphs (:<- )  from "continue" to "return" and (:->) from "return" to "continue". I thought this was more intuitive.

Note: I reversed the following with upload 0.90 so disregard what I say in italics.
I changed strategy of dealing with block arguments. They are now in a separate namespace rather than being copied into the local namespace. Regression testing shows I have broken the behavior of #args in user-defined-operators. I have removed it's use from the examples. There is much testing and documenting work left here but all other web examples run without change.

Worked on multi-block return strategy. Glee blocks are not named so returns are problematic (i.e. return from what?). More testing required before documenting and presenting the concepts.
  8/22/2003 Uploaded .88 of everything. Corrected some problems with *&, *|, ^&, and ^|. Support dyadic reshape (obj %% (nr,nc))
  8/16/2003 Uploaded .87 of everything. Corrected a problem with user-defined-function immediately followed by a user defined function. Added the %\% transpose operator. Corrected a problem with :@& and :for for (or at each) control structure and the #ea each operator.
  8/9/2003 Uploaded .86 of everything. Modified and expanded tutorial for #pgm to remove #lx and add #ix. Modified test stand to allow use under Linux/WINE. Added Case Study 16 on regression testing.
  7/31/2003 Removed named block latent expressions. Added named block initial expressions (#ix).
  7/23/2003 Uploaded .85 of everything. More refactoring and minor bug fixes.
  7/22/2003 I've added a Web Log (BLOG). Here I will discuss the continual development of Glee and some of the reasons I do what I do. My next step is to develop the Glee Object Storage (GOS) system.
  7/19/2003 Uploaded .84 of everything. Restructured numeric objects preparatory to supporting multi-dimensional arrays (MDAs). This is a new regression tested base line before adding MDA features.
  7/16/2003 Corrected serious problem with GREP feature (it didn't find all occurrences). Added feature to show GREP software version and compiled RegEx options. Exploring adding APL-like multi-dimensional array support.
  7/14/2003 Uploaded .83 of everything. Documention on new stuff..
  7/13/2003 Changed (this will break programs) =@ (is reference?) to ?@ to be more consistent with naming of compound glyphs. Refactoring on control structures. Changed the for control structure glyph from  :#  to   :@& ( read control at each) . Changed default control structure glyph from   :&   to   :*  . This will break existing code. Hopefully this will be more intuitive. The * is often used in programming semantics to mean "anything" so use of :* for default seemed more natural. As these glyphs are not documented yet this change should cause no calamity. However, I have used  :#  in some examples which I've gone back and changed. I'm still trying to iron out many thorny subtleties on control structures and it's taking too much time. Repaired some problems with the new dyadic %* formatting operator.
  7/3/2003 Modified ceiling and floor for negative numbers (%- ; %\; %/ ). Now performs operation on absolute value and then reapplies the sign. This is not how other languages do it but I find this definition more useful and more intuitive.
  6/30/2003 Uploaded .82 of everything. Documention on new stuff.. Most of the time was spent on things you don't see ... refinement of Compound Variables, References, Namespaces, and Scoping in Chains of Block Namespaces ... lots of fire ... no smoke. I'm sure there are still problems with these features but I've corrected a whole slew of them with this upload. At the last minute I found serious problems in the scoping examples so will defer that until 0.83.
  6/24/2003 Much refactoring on references and blocks.
  6/13/2003 Work on formatting operator ( %* ). Work on building Windows application running Glee code to demonstrate and play the Sets game
  6/11/2003 Uploaded .81 of everything. Documentation on new stuff. Case study 15 illustrating use of new interpolation operator.
  6/08/2003 Work on histogram (#<>) and interpolation - resampling (#@`) operators.
  6/07/2003 Thanks to Juansa who reported that the Sequence Tutorial was incorrect. I had inadvertently left it out of my regression testing and it did not keep up with enhancements. I have corrected it and written a regression for it so that won't happen again. I worked with Felix on creating operators to facilitate needs for interpolation and aggregation. These will be part of the new stuff in the 0.81 upload. I am setting up his problem as a new case study.
  6/02/2003 Added new catenate operator ( =>, ). Work on promoting GREP feature into word oriented operators (e.g. &).
  6/01/2003 Uploaded .80 of everything.
  5/30/2003 Added boolean AND scan (/&) and OR scan (/|). Added new numeric data fill scan ( numeric /<>).
  5/25/2003 Caution: Change breaks existing code. Indexing in namespaces by character string has been desupported. E.g: Was {10=>x; ['x']< < *3$;}; Now use {10=>x; [.x]< < *3$;}. Strengthened the distinction between user fields (e.g. .x ) and system fields (e.g. :typec ). Now, indexing namespaces by system fields affects and/or references namespace members rather than objects in the namespace. User fields reference the namespace contents rather than members. Namespace documentation adjusted accordingly.
  5/21/2003 Added @>< causing subsequent dyadic operator to reverse its arguments before the operation.
  5/18/2003 Case Study CS00013 to break a numeric vector into ranges. Case Study CS00014 using numeric ranges in code debug responsibility example. Uploaded .79 of everything.
  5/16/2003 Back to sockets ... again.
  5/15/2003 Uploaded .78 of everything.
  5/14/2003 Revising all documention to reflect adoption of the new : system field element (many many affected pages). Additional documentation on the #clock object.
  5/13/2003 Note: I have revised (ref 4/21/03) to reflect these changes. I want to keep user and system namespaces completely separate. System objects have members with English names like typec (displays object type name). But a user defined object (not yet implemented) may also want to use that name. In most languages they have reserved words and won't allow this. Keeping system and user namespaces separate I can allow it. I'm introducing a new syntactic element (:) which is a system field delimiter. For a list of fields use : (e.g. #fc: lists file context fields). To convert to base 64 now becomes "To b64":b64 returning VG8gYjY0. Now you query an object's name with something like ( 10 :typec ) and "num " is returned. Give an invalid name) and your query returns valid members for the object. So 'abc':bad returns :, :b64, :csv, :hex, :num, :props , :r64, :size, :string, :stringV, :typeC, :typeN. Caution!!!: This scheme breaks existing programs.
  5/12/2003 Support string right argument to select ( \ ). This is in line with the GREP right argument added earlier. text \ string segments text at occurrences of the beginning of string using Glee comparisons. text @== \ string finds the cutting points using exact comparisons. Added text \\ string operator that makes two cuts: one at beginning of string and one after the end. These segments are always at even indices (empty 1st segment and inner segments added as necessary ) so replacement at even indices effects a very general search and replace mechanism. Added some documentation to the sorting tutorial and in the process corrected another static sorting anomaly.
  5/11/2003 Installed GREP. Added ``&<> operator returning word field indices (beginning of field and end +1) ala GREP. Documented work on GREP wrap. Describe some new stuff and changes to old stuff. Uploaded .77 of everything.
  5/6/2003 Uploaded .76 of everything. Changed @> ("At End of Stream?")?@->; Changed @< ("At Beginning of Stream?")to ?@<-; Changed @>< (Stream traverse direction?) to ?>< . @> becomes "apply as trailing" and @< is "apply as leading (the default)". These operator modifiers work like @= and @== dictating the next operator's behavior. E.g. stream @> ->>&'word' will now read to the end of the word. Before, and still the default, is to read to just before the beginning of the word. These modifiers will apply generally to all operators where appropriate. The ~> (delete trailing) and ~< (delete leading) remain because they're more convenient than @> ~ and @< ~ . I may choose to eliminate them in the future. For now, to do so just creates lots of work for me. I'll put off the decision until I see which style I favor. All other operators will use the new scheme (e.g. *&> becomes @> *&; *&< becomes *& or @< *&; etc.)
  5/3/2003 Working on adding GREP feature.
  5/02/2003 Uploaded .75 of everything. I discovered the sorts I was claiming were stable were not. Major refactoring. Code now smaller, quicker, and sorts are now stable. One step back, two steps forward
  4/22/2003 Uploaded .74 of everything.
  4/21/2003 Changed field access to system object members and properties. This change breaks existing code. I am adding user defined objects and this is causing namespace collisions in access to members of system objects. I also have ambiguity with Compound Variables. This change resolves these issues. The dot " . " delimiter will continue to be used with fields plus the new user object member access I have yet to expose. But the " : " delimiter will be used for system member access. Thus, things like #clock .stringv becomes #clock :stringv. You will query fields with just the colon (: ) and not (.?) or (:?). :? conflicted with the new glyph for :if.
  4/20/2003 Extensions and refinements to #PGM. Add glyphs to serve as substitutes for control structure key words. Add :while control structure.
  4/18/2003 Relaxed restrictions on disk writing. Will now write to any path containing "\glee\user\" rather than just "c:\glee\user\".
  4/17/2003 Worked on filling out features of #clock
  4/16/2003 Uploaded .73 of everything. There are several incomplete works in process in this upload (along with incomplete documentation). Among them are work on the Clock and File classes. I'm uploading because it has been some time since the last one and I have found and corrected numerous bugs. Pay particular attention to activity noted in red since the last upload. Those are changes that break previous code. Again remember, Glee is experimental. I hate these code jerks as much as everyone else ... but better now than later.
  4/13/2003 Added .B64 and .R64 to string type to do Base64 translations. (code study and new stuff). Removed dyadic %> and %< (base and rep) for strings for the time being because they weren't useful as implemented. I'm using .b64 and .r64 in the meantime.
  4/10/2003 Changed dyadic -> and <- for numerics. These will now zero fill for numeric(change), blank fill for strings (no change). Documentation will define defaults for other classes as I get to it but can be determined by obj <- 0 <-* 1. Added dyadic *-> (Last Take w/Front fill) and <- (First Take w/ Back fill). Must change <- and -> to <-* and *-> for numeric.
  4/9/2003 Added new stuff pages for illustration and regression of new experimental and enhanced stuff. These will informally collect tests for changes and new features between uploads until they have been added to the base documentation.
  4/7/2003 Implementing Glee Object File to persist Glee objects. This will take serious software sculpture to get right. For now my focus is on getting it working.
  4/4/2003 Beginning regression testing and documenting behavior of file creation, write, and destroy (tutorial).
  4/2/2003 Changed #SYS from system function to class (tutorial and examples). Work on #CLOCK and file write operators.
  3/27/2003 Refactoring file features and adding contained write functionality.
  3/26/2003 Introduced #SYS system function (tutorial and examples)
  3/23/2003 Added bit /# (partition sizes). Uploaded .72 of everything.
  3/17/2003 Clean up behavior of File Context (examples and tutorial).
  3/16/2003 Case Study 12 illustrating conversion of numbers to different bases and tabular display. Uploaded .71 of everything.
  3/15/2003 Extended dyadic && (filter) to the numeric and character sets. In these contexts, the && operator filters the left argument to the set of elements in the right argument. It is useful for assuring numerics are from a valid set. It is useful for assuring character strings contain only valid characters. An example of its use has been added in Case Study 11 illustrating Base64 coding and decoding. Numeric examples. Character examples.
  3/14/2003 Extended Base ( dyadic %> ) and Rep (dyadic %< ) to character strings. Base can be used to "flatten" a string to contain only valid characters so that it can be transmitted. Rep then reconstitutes it on receipt. See examples and Case Study 10.
  3/11/2003 Added numeric round up and down nearest (dyadic %/ and %\ ) cheatsheet and example.
  3/09/2003 Case Study CS00009 illustrating a Glee technique for Ciphering and Deciphering messages.
  3/05/2003 Added monadic * to report scope; monadic =@ to report "Is Reference"; Resolved numerous issues relating to scoping within embedded blocks.Uploaded .70 of everything.
  3/01/2003 Caution!!! I have decided to implicity disclose elements delivered by control structures like :for and :select. I had never come upon a case where I didn't want it disclosed. Uploaded .69 of everything.
  2/25/2003 Uploaded .68 of everything. . All regression tests are completed and pass. Finally, the code again produces what this site says it produces. Coding should now move forward again and quality should maintain.
  2/24/2003 Uploaded .67 of everything. . Not so minor bug fixes. My coding got a little ahead of my Quality Control. I have written regression scripts now to test all code and documentation. This has revealed many issues ... a few remain unresolved. Regression testing now allows me to immediately know that my fixing of one thing breaks another. And it is GLEE code that now allows me to do the checking. The technique will be presented in a forthcoming Case Study. It's pretty slick. Bugs remain but this upload fixes so many I wanted to get it up.
  2/18/2003 Minor bug fixes. Uploaded .66 of everything.
  2/6/2003 Minor bug fixes. Uploaded .65 of everything.
  2/3/2003 Note 2/2/2003 Caution!!!. Changed (!#, !!#) to (#!, #!!) respectively for consistency with other glyph nomenclature.
  2/2/2003 Caution!!!. This Uploaded .64 of everything. has many operator changes. If you have stored programs, there's a good chance they will stop running. I think the operator glyph changes make GLEE operators easier to learn and remember and I reserve the right to continue to change them while GLEE is in the experimental stage. I just can't think hard enough to get them all right the first time through ... especially as the need for new operators become evident and GLEE glyphs themselves become a language.
  1/28/2003 What's taking so long? Well, as I noted on 1/5/03, I've changed some glyphs. GLEE now has inertia ... internally and externally. Changing those glyphs meant programming changes but also meant documentation changes. It was time to introduce more complete regression testing features. I have gone back and automated checking of all the documentation so it can tell when interpreter changes I make create documentation orphans. This process is also picking up some bugs which I had not detected earlier. This whole regression testing scheme illustrates more of GLEE's power and will be documented in a case study.
  1/17/2003 Moved to XP platform. Work on correcting behavior of nil. Testing new operators and verifying behavior of old ones. Shouldn't be too much longer for upload.
Commentary 1/5/2003 Significant reorganization of glyphs Commentaryto be more consistant and intuitive and to suit addition of Intersect and Union Operators. Affect Bit (cheatsheet & examples); String (cheatsheet & examples); Numeric (cheatsheet and examples); Sequence (cheatsheet and examples); Indexing (cheatsheet and examples).
  12/26/2002 Bug fixes. New boolean operators (*< *> *<>) cheatsheet and examples.
  12/17/2002 Bug fixes. Add combinations and permutations operators (!, !#, !!, !!#). Case study CS00008. Uploaded .63 of everything.
  12/10/2002 Bug fixes related to sorting sequences and streaming words.Uploaded .62 of everything.
  12/3/2002 Case study CS00007 added illustrating heterogeneous numeric ordering.
  12/1/2002 Many bug fixes and much code firming. Uploaded .61 of everything.
  11/28/2002 Implemented and documented Compound Variables. (Tutorial). Repaired several bugs and probably created a few in the process. Added case study CS0006 dealing random poker hands.
  11/23/2002 Refining the Compound Variable (e.g. mechanism. Before these were indistinguishable from references to Namespaces. Much greater control of these special objects was needed so they now descend from namespaces and get special treatment.
  11/20/2002 I changed the behavior of references to allow a reference to be assigned to a reference. Before this was not allowed but was quietly ignored. The effect now is a replacement of the reference itself. It does not create a reference to a reference. That I still don't allow.
  11/17/2002 There are still some issues with User Defined Operators and named blocks in general. I am still experimenting and testing. But I have found several bugs and corrected them. And except for some esoteric issues, the blocks work pretty much as expected. I have improved error reporting a little bit. I am Uploading .60 of everything. I have done some documenting on User Defined Operators (tutorial). Much remains to be done but I still want to get back to embracing Windows messaging and Sockets. I may work there for a while.
  11/04/2002 Implemented User Defined Operators. Now testing and cleaning up error reporting.
  10/31/2002 Found several bugs while working on new features and preparing new case studies. Uploaded .59 of everything.
  10/27/2002 Make GLEE and Exact collating sequences user defineable with #CSGLEE and #CSExact (Examples). Uploaded .58 of everything.
  10/25/2002 Extend " .. " operator to characters (e.g. 'a' .. 'z' ): Cheatsheet, Examples. Added user defined sorting collating sequences: Cheatsheet, Examples, Tutorial.
  10/21/2002 I've been adding a user defined collating sequence feature. In the process I've discovered a number of embarrassing bugs. So I've decided to Uploaded .57 of everything.
  10/19/2002 Removed *= operator and reverted = back to item by item equal. Support for indexing by sequence.
  10/18/2002 Added new columnization operator (,|), cheatsheet and examples and tutorial.
  10/14/2002 Fixed newly injected bug affecting niladic operators.
  10/13/2002 Added *= operator for element by element equality testing and examples. Changed behavior of = to be object equality rather than item equality. Uploaded .56 of everything.
  10/11/2002 Fix a few minor bugs. Restore separate case study download. Uploaded .55 of everything.
  10/09/2002 Minor revisions to main demonstration form and added satelite command forms for software sculpturing. Fix a bad bug related to string objects. Redocumented the Form Map. Uploaded .54 of interpreter and website.
  9/30/2002 Added expose with lf-lf separators (,,\) because I was using ",,(13#asc)" so much when doing things like listing files and file contexts.
  9/29/2002 Fixed bug with #FC. Uploaded .53 of interpreter.
  9/26/2002 Split out Glee code into GLEEDll.dll so it can be called by C++ programs. The Test Bench (GLEE.exe) then becomes just such a program. Add two new case studies (CS00004 and CS00005). Uploaded .52 of interpreter and website; .52.5 of Case Studies..
  9/17/2002 Change "**" set depth operator to ">**" to correspond to "<**" disclose deep. Added Case Study CS00003. Uploaded .51 of interpreter and website.
  9/15/2002 Add "AutoClr" check box to test stand form to automatically clear the results pane before executing code by "G" go, or "Parse". Populated the Scripts Combo Box with names of files with ".gof" extension in the GLEEScripts subdirectory. Added case study CS00002. Uploaded .50 of interpreter and website.
  9/13/2002 Corrected behavior of Index of (` ; `|; `&; ``&;``|) when used with strings. See examples. Uploaded .49 of interpreter and website. Case study CS00001.
  9/12/2002 I have added a Case Studies bullet. This is where I'll collect actual examples of Glee code ... the best way to learn Glee techniques and behavior. I plan to put these into a separate download. This should be done with the next upload of the interpreter and website. If you have ideas for case studies please send them.
  9/10/2002 I'm still fiddling with sockets. In the process I've tripped over and fixed a number of unreported bugs. So this upload is to get those fixes out. Work on sockets continues. The problem is my choice to go non-blocking. This means I need to embrace Windows messaging. I hadn't needed to do this up until now and it is raising many issues. Ultimately it will be a good thing as I will be well on my way to supporting the Windows presentation layer as well. Uploaded .48 of interpreter and website.
  7/26/2002 Work proceeds on sockets. I have successfully interfaced GLEE with Winsock2. It is now about finding the best way to get the two dancing together. It will take some time.
  7/22/2002 I've decided to next begin the experimental work of interfacing GLEE with Winsock2. As things begin to work I'll do uploads. But being totally experimental, some or all of the features tried may eventually be withdrawn.
Commentary 7/17/2002 Work on File Context and FC documentation: Cheatsheet; Tutorial; Examples.Uploaded .47 of interpreter and website.
  7/3/2002 Work on File Context Documentation. Add .ext property for extension. Minor work on #file to report size and buffer to max even if over max size. Changed round nearest operator from =~ to %- to be in line with %/ (ceiling) and %\ (floor)
  7/2/2002 Work on File Context Documentation. Uploaded .46 of interpreter and website. Now requires spacing between operators. Changes to documentation and behavior of #FC. Work is continuing on #FC Cheatsheet, Tutorial and Examples. I also applied an update to Borland's C++ Builder. This brought a new copy of CC3250MT.DLL. You should probably redownload the ancillary files just to be safe.
Commentary 6/28/2002 Revisions to examples and tutorials for new diagnostic on operator spacing
Commentary 6/27/2002 Debugger execution control. Diagnostic on spacing.
Commentary 6/26/2002 Read only version of the file system has been completed and very lightly tested. Tutorial, Cheatsheet, Examples.Uploaded .45 of interpreter and website.
Commentary 6/25/2002 Files
  6/23/2002a Uploaded .44 of interpreter and website. .43 had a major memory leak associated with the addition of %* and %**.. Continue work on hooking streams to files.
  6/23/2002 Work on hooking streams to files.Uploaded .43 of interpreter and website. Documentation additions and minor bug fixes.
  6/22/2002 Added convert to string (%*) and convert to verbose string (%**) operators / cheatsheet. Changed documentation to use these operators. Added to the glossary some items on how to read Glee glyphs. Changed dereference operator from "@*" to "^@" (read as contained at).Work on hooking streams to files.
  6/21/2002 Changed Previous Cursor Position operator from @<<` to @`<<. Work on hooking streams to files.
  6/20/2002 Continued work on streaming documentation. Added @> (at End of Stream),@< (at Beginning of Stream), and @>< (Direction) indicator, @<<` Previous Cursor Pos operators.Uploaded .42 of interpreter and website. Documentation additions and minor bug fixes.
  6/19/2002 Cleaned up Namespaces documentation; Continued work on streaming documentation. Redefining `->> and `<<- to return bytes traversed rather than index.Uploaded .41 of interpreter and website. Documentation additions and minor bug fixes.
Commentary 6/18/2002 String Streaming. File Contexts. Files. Cheatsheets and examples.Uploaded .40 of interpreter and website.
Commentary 6/16/2002 Still finding bugs. Streaming with GLEE compares is an off-by-one wonderland.
Commentary 6/12/2002 Begin streams documentation: (Tutorial), (Cheatsheet), (Operators)
Commentary 6/10/2002 Still String Streaming. Lots of refactoring and work hooking up a couple dozen new operators (but easy to learn with only 7 glyphs reading like phrases).
  6/6/2002 String streaming operators
Commentary 6/5/2002 Changed bit operator /*~ from unspan to fire.
  6/4/2002 Refined File Context behavior. Changed string object to support streaming in same manner as files.
  6/1/2002 Change rotate and flip operators from |->| and |<-| to %-> and %<-. Added file operators for streaming, seeking, and searching files.
  5/30/2002 Monadic "*" was dereference; it changes to exists. Monadic "@*" becomes dereference. Files cheatsheet, examples, and tutorial
  5/29/2002 Files cheatsheet, examples, and tutorial
  5/27/2002 File Contexts cheatsheet, examples, and tutorial.
  5/24/2002 Add #Nil (though not fully supported); Refine collating sequences for Glee sorts and exact sorts to better handle accented characters. Add another Record Set example.
  5/15/2002 Changed definition of monadic and dyadic difference "--" (Examples). File Contexts and Files
Commentary 5/14/2002 Record Sets (Tutorial);Uploaded .39 of interpreter and website.
  5/8/2002 Refine and document at-each "@&" and define new behavior on numeric and character vectors. (Tutorial) (Examples).
  5/6/2002 Another minor correction to grade. Switched arguments on power. 2^3 was 9. From now on, will be 8. Record Sets (tutorial);Uploaded .38 of interpreter and website.
Commentary 5/1/2002 Corrected serious problem with grade of strings and sequences introduced in (shame on me).Uploaded .37 of interpreter and website.
Commentary 4/29/2002 Record Sets (tutorial)Uploaded .36 of interpreter and website.
  4/24/2002 Indices of Group (``&): Indexing. Uploaded .35 of interpreter and website.
Commentary 4/22/2002 Major tactical change (see commentary): Character cheatsheet and examples; Indexing cheatsheet and examples; Sequences cheatsheet and examples; Uploaded .34 of interpreter and website.
  4/19/2002 Numeric operators ^&, ^| *&, *==and *|; Sequence Cheatsheet and examples; Character Cheatsheet and examples.Uploaded .33 of interpreter and website.
  4/18/2002 Document sequence operator examples.Uploaded .32 of interpreter and website.
  4/17/2002 Document sequence operator examples.
  4/16/2002 Document sequence operator examples.
  4/14/2002 Worked on "Introduction to Glee" DVD and .avi movies
Commentary 4/11/2002 Operators (sequence)examples; Operators (sequence) cheatsheet; (:select/:case/:default) Uploaded .31 of interpreter and website.
Commentary 4/10/2002 (:select/:case/:default); Changed behavior of "expose with separator";
  4/9/2002 (:select/:case/:default)Uploaded .30 of interpreter and website.
Commentary 4/7/2002 (Namespaces from Fieldlists) (:for) ( :if / :elseif / :else). Uploaded .29 of interpreter and website.
  4/5/2002 (Tutorial;) (Control Structures: General;) ( the :for structure.) Uploaded .28 of interpreter and website.
  4/4/2002 Intermediate Blocks. Uploaded .27 of interpreter and website.
  4/3/2002 Intermediate Blocks;
  4/2/2002 Simple Blocks; Uploaded .26 of interpreter and website.
  4/1/2002 Docm: Sequences;
  3/31/2002 Regression turned up a few bugs and documentation discrepencies. Uploaded .25 of interpreter and website to correct.
Commentary 3/29/2002 Fieldlists, Namespaces, Tutorials. Uploaded .24 of interpreter and website.
  3/28/2002 Uploaded .23 version of interpreter to correct awful bugs
Commentary 3/26/2002 Compound references, Field Lists, Namespaces; Uploaded .22 version of interpreter and website
  3/23/2002 Modify parser to scope farther right. Now must 10=>p.q;p.q*(p.q); which is not acceptable. Mods will allow 10=>p.q;p.q*p.q;. Expect 2 days.
  3/22/2002 Field lists, references in sequences, block arguments
  3/20/2002 Field list, Control Structures.
  3/19/2002 Blocks, Named Blocks (pgms) and Control Structures. Updated Interpreter after minor bug fixes.
  3/17/2002 References, Namespaces, and Fields are working and documented and I published a new version of the Glee interpreter and the Glee Website.
3/15/2002 References: Still finding bugs and ways to support more intuitive semantics.
Commentary 3/13/2002 References
Commentary 3/11/2002 References.
Commentary 3/7/2002 Still experimenting with suitable semantics for nested namespaces.
Commentary 3/6/2002 Unfortunately Namespaces and References didn't satisfy indepth testing. Regression testing and sample programs have illuminated some clumbsyness. Progress is being made. You just don't get to view it yet.
Commentary 3/4/2002 Namespaces and References are now satisfying early testing.
  3/1/2002 Redo the block and named block (e.g. pgm) mechanisms
Commentary 2/26/2002 Explore operation and effects of new reference class, namespaces, and fields.
  2/25/2002 Implement Reference Class
  2/22/2002 Tutorial fields; Raveling Sequences
  2/20/2002 Tutorial namespaces.
  2/13/2002 I introduced .19 version that just fixed bugs and did not introduce anything new. Otherwise, I'm still refactoring on blocks and namespaces. It could take another couple days.
  2/8/2002 - ??? blocks and namespaces: I've decided to reinvent how they work so this could be a quiet week for results.
  2/7/2002 Indexing
  2/4/2002 Performance work on `,``,``=
Character Examples & Cheatsheet;Boolean Examples& Cheatsheet; Indexing Examples & Cheatsheet;
  1/29/2002 Character Examples & Cheatsheet;Boolean Examples& Cheatsheet;
Character Examples & Cheatsheet;Boolean Examples& Cheatsheet;Numeric Examples.
  1/20/2002 Character Examples;Boolean Examplesand Cheatsheet;
  1/19/2002 File Contexts
  1/18/2002 Character Examples;Boolean Examplesand Cheatsheet;
  1/17/2002 Character Examples;
  1/16/2002 Character Examples; Boolean Examples and Cheatsheet;
  1/15/2002 Character Examples.
  1/14/2002 File Contexts;
  1/12/2002 Character Examples.
  1/11/2002 Circular function Cheatsheet
  1/10/2002 Continue Encryption. Circular functions..
  1/9/2002 Document sequences. Indexing Cheatsheet. Begin Encryption.
1/8/2002 Organize operator Cheatsheets. Start Indexing Operators.
1/7/2002 Describe boolean operators.
1/4/2002 Work on tutorial for the Boolean objects and operators.
Commentary 1/3/2002 Cheatsheet for Numeric operators.
Commentary 1/2/2002 Outline level documentation of Numeric operators