Release Contents and Effects

If you're just watching for progress, here is where I report what I've been working on.

Commentary Date Release Contents/Effects Brief
3/28/04 V96: Added #set and #bag container objects. The all important persistence of these objects has been implemented but thorough testing and documentation are still in progress.
Commentary 1/30/04 V95: Added $** for object verbose display. Added documentation pages for #dict and #idx. Added dyadic form to #dict and #idx implementing persistence of these objects on file (I'm postponing documentation and examples of these file persisted objects until next time when they've had more testing). Added #UUID to produce Universally Unique Identifiers. Examples: v.95
  12/23/2003 V94: Created index (#idx) object. This is a dictionary implementing the one-to-many case of the relational table. There may be multiple occurrences of keys but key/value pairs are unique. Examples: v.94
  12/21/2003 V93:Created dictionary (#dict) object. This is a Red-Black tree. It is a quick retrieval container. It is the one-to-one case of a relational table. Making this container persistent will yield a very power data storage facility. My strategy is to create the in-memory functionality first and then add persistance to file capability next. Examples: v.93
  11/23/2003 V92: Continued implementing serialization of classes [CV, NS, Field, FList, Assoc, Ref, Block, Pgm, OpUD, Seq, ]. Examples: v.92
  11/17/2003 V91: Added new catenate to ( ,=> ) operator for files. Added serialization ( %->> ) and deserialization ( %<<- ) for numeric, string, bit, sequence, block, pgm, op, and clock. Several object types left to do. Examples: v.91.
  10/15/2003 With v90 I added new convert operator (%%%) and endian operator (>%<). I changed file move from ->> to >->. Changed file copy from -> to ->> (not yet documented).
  9/14/2003 v89 corrects some bugs (and adds some). I have had to change the strategy for handling arguments. They are now in their own namespace rather than being copied into the local namespace. This broke #args for user defined operators #op but didn't affect it for programs #pgm. I have lots of testing to do. I am also working the issue of scope of :return (:<-). Note: I switched :<- and :->. They now mean :return and :continue respectively.
  8/22/2003 Examples:v.88. Added multi-dimensional reshape (obj %% (nr nc)). Supporting sequences, numerics, and strings. Tightened up *| and *& for sequences.
  8/16/2003 Examples:v.87. Add monadic transpose operator (%\%).
  7/29/2003 Examples: v.86 Rework some named block features.
  7/22/2003 Mostly refactoring to prepare for creation of GLEE Object Store (GOS)
  7/19/2003 Examples: v.84: Correction of problems with GREP searching.
  7/14/2003 With v.83. Scoping Examples.
6/22/2003 With v.82. Formatting operator %*.
  6/11/2002 With v.81. Append operator ( ,=> ) , histogram operator (#<>), interpolation operator (#@`).
  6/02/2003 With v.80. Operator @><to reverse arguments to subsequent dyadic op. Boolean AND /&and OR /|scan. Numeric missing data fill scan numeric /<>.
  5/15/2003 With v.78 . Expanded argument domains for segmentation operator ( \ ) and added new double cut ( \\ ) operator.
  5/11/2003 With v .77. Mostly this documents work on GREP.
  4/22/2003 With v.74. Work on #clock. Added glyphs for structured programming keywords (e.g. :? for :if). Glyphs or English or combination may be used. Changed system field delimiter from " . " to " : ".
4/16/2003 With v .73. Some bug fixes. Extensions of @& (at each) to indexing, parenthesized expressions, and user defined operators. Added *-> and changed the definition of -> regarding filling. Introduced :b64 and :r64 to support Base64 data conversion for internet transmission.