Revision 87

This is my regression reference for older stuff in revision and new stuff in experimentation aligned to upload version number. As I work on new features and correct problems with old ones, I collect my test cases here. They become part of my regression testing as well as notes of documentation I must complete.

Commentary Code Result
Commentary ('a'1)('b'2)('c'3)('d'4'c')=>x;
x %\% %**$;
  (1. 2 3)(4 5) %\% %**$; Seq[R1C3:K]
[1]Num[R1C2:F]1 4
[2]Num[R1C2:F]2 5
[3]Num[R1C2:F]3 Nil
  ('abcd')('12345')('xyz')%\% %**$; Seq[R1C5:K]
[5]String[R1C3:C] 5