Activity: Commentary


R96:Principal attention went into extensions to in-memory container objects and addition of file-persisted container objects. Persisted container objects give GLEE a huge amount of power. This power is not adequately illustrated in the simple examples referenced here. The use of these powerful features will be more fully described and illustrated in upcoming case studies.

R95: There has been major work going on with this release. It mostly has to do with transparently adding persistence to the #dict and #idx objects. With this new capability, these objects can exist on file rather than in system memory. Therefore it allows information retention between sessions. These objects (along with a few more coming) will be Glee's most major inititive towards become a useful tool that could compete with PHP, Python, Perl and other popular tools. There is much testing to do on this feature but I wanted to introduce it and get a new release milestone. Please note: This work is very experimental. I will likely be changing the file layouts in future releases which will make orphans of earlier releases. I can't yet affort the inertia of guaranteeing I won't make orphans. You must continue to maintain your data in forms independent of Glee until I can make the absolutely necessary guarantee that I will create no Glee orphans (without an automated migration path).