Revision 93

This is my regression reference for older stuff in revision and new stuff in experimentation aligned to upload version number. As I work on new features and correct problems with old ones, I collect my test cases here. They become part of my regression testing as well as notes of documentation I must complete.

Commentary Code Result
Commentary #dict =>d;
'hello world'=>['hello']d;
'goodby world'=>['gb']d;
'<4>'(d['hello''xxx''gb']< *=nv)$;
<1>hello world
<2>goodby world
Commentary #dict =>d;
'hello world'=>['hello']d;
'good bye'=>['gb']d;
'<1>'(d %**)$;
'<3>'(d ~'hello'%**)$;
*[1]String[R2C11:C]hello world
*[1]String[R3C8:C]good bye
Commentary #dict =>d; 1000 =>n;
n%%n?10 =>k;
'<1a>'(d %**)$;
'<1b>'(k& #)$;
'<2>'(k\+ )$;
'<3>'(d[k]< < \+ )$;
Commentary #dict =>d;
'I Idx'=>[10]d;
'F Idx'=>[20.]d;
30=>['I Val']d;
40.=>['F Val']d;
1'a' =>['seq val']d;
2'b'> =>['encl seq val']d;
'encl seq idx' =>[3'c'>]d;
d:seq %**$;
**[1]String[R2C5:C]I Idx
**[1]String[R2C5:C]F Idx
**[1]String[R3C12:C]encl seq idx
*[1]String[R2C12:C]encl seq val
*[1]String[R2C5:C]F Val
*[1]String[R2C5:C]I Val
*[1]String[R2C7:C]seq val