The Glee Programming Language


The Glee Programming Language is a new vector oriented interpretive computer programming tool. It is inspired by array oriented languages like APL, J, and K. It attempts to deliver many of the useful and powerful features of those languages for manipulating numeric data. Further, it strives to provide new functionality for consistent and powerful manipulation of character data. It is targeted at applications where languages like PERL, Python, and Java have found secure homes. These are all scalar languages so Glee has something new to bring to the party ... vector processing.

Glee is a work in process. I am now bringing the documentation up to a full description of the interpreter's current functionality. I then have many ideas for extending the interpreter to make it more suitable for mainstream solutions. Among these are sockets communication, marshaling of data objects, remote program invocation, multi-threaded/multi-processor operation, connection to database engines, and new operators to address the most common business and scientific requirements.

I hope you will join me in this process. Go to the downloads section frequently and try the latest version of the software. You will also find the latest version of this website there. You can download it and have freedom to study Glee without constant internet connectivity. Read my Activity bullet to follow my progress toward my goal.

Throughout this website I use a style of example and exposition. The informational and tutorial items are of the form:

Commentary Code Result
Commentary 1+2 3

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Commentary Point Description
Commentary What is Glee? Glee is a new vector oriented interpretive computer programming language.
Commentary Navigating this website. The website has a fairly consistent style. Click to read more on how best to learn about Glee
Commentary Is there more? Yes. The development of the Glee interpreter is way ahead of this documentation.
Commentary Futures. Glee will embrace current and future technologies.
Commentary Framework Glee's greatest assets lie in the way it is built.
Commentary Why? Does the world really need another computer language?