New Release 95

General:. This page generally describes new functionality in the 95 series of revisions and uploads. This is Working Documentation that with maturity will be moved to the Master Documentation. Principal attention went into making #dict and #idx objects persistent to external files. There is much testing to do on this work but I wanted to get a new release milestone out. I will document these new capabilities with the next release. In the mean time, I have added a couple trivial features: $** (verbose debugging display ala the $ normal output debugging display) and #UUID to create Universally Unique Identifiers.

#UUID (Universally Unique Identifier ... aka GUID):. This produces the common, 16 byte Universally Unique Identifier. The example shows display as characters, bits, ascii indices, short integers and long integers.

$** (Verbose Debugging Display):. There have been many times during debugging that I needed to know more detail about an object. I usually had to trap it in a variable and then do the %** verbose display conversion on it. This $** debugging aid allows me to get a verbose object display in-line.