New Release 92

General:. This page generally describes new functionality in the 92 series of revisions and uploads. This is Working Documentation that with maturity will be moved to the Master Documentation. Work on this release addressed the following areas:

Serial out (%->>) and Serial In (%<<-):. The %->> (convert to serial out) operator converts the object to a character string which can be transmitted to another GLEE interpreter. The %<<- (convert from serial out ... i.e. serial in) operator converts the serial out string back to the original object.

Field List:This example ((.a.b%->>) :hex) encloses the serial out in parenthesis before applying the :hex method. This is really a work around for a bug. Without the parenthesis it thinks %->> is a dyadic operator. Since it is not a show stopping issue at this time I'll come back to it when I figure out what to do.

Testing other object types:. This tests more of the objects for their ability to serialize (marshal) and reconstruct themselves. The syntax is consistent throughout. You learn serialization for one object type ... you know it for all. I use these examples in my regression testing to assure no leaks and that future changes do not damage past success.