New Release 78

General:. This page generally describes new functionality in the 78 series of revisions and uploads. This is Working Documentation that with maturity will be moved to the Master Documentation.

Segmenting and replacing. This adds a direct capability of segmenting with a character string rather than bit vector or indices. The string is taken as a word. In the first example <1>:, the ( \ ) operator merely segments at the beginning of the word. In the second example <2>:, the ( \\ ) operator segments at the beginning and ending of the word, essentially clipping the word. In this case the operator assures that the clipped words will be at even indices. It does this by catenating a null string at the beginning, and inserting null strings as necessary. The third example: <3>:  shows the application of the @== operator to force an exact comparison for the words. In the fourth example <4>: I make a substitution of the word by indexing it into the sequence. Example <5>: shows use of %* to reform back to a string.