Commentary: Miscellaneous operators


#SYS.NSDump: Dumps precis of objects in all namespaces, most local to least local.
The System Class manages and displays objects with system scope. Properties and methods for this class are manipulated in the customary way. System Object Methods invoke system operations like displaying the namespace chain. Also closing all files to allow a File Context Purge to be performed must be done by an all-seeing System Object. In this example, the .NSDump method is illustrated dumping the complete namespace chain. A sequence is returned. The output can be formatted using the ,, separator as illustrated here. The separators are stored in the ss variable. The easiest way to build up such a variable is to first use something like'*',|(1..10),|' '=>ss to create separators for the ,, display operator. Then replace the separators according to where you see them showing up in the output.