Frequently Reported Bugs: Commentary

General:Hopefully this frame will always be empty. Items here indicate either flaws in the programming or flaws in the documentation. Since Glee is a work in process and is not updated through releases, program flaws will come and go without most users noticing. However, when they come, I'll list them here before I go (immediately) to work on them. Also, since Glee is new to you, what you may think is a bug I have included as a feature (you've heard that one before haven't you). In this case, I'll also list them and go to work on the documentation to avoid the confusion. So if you find a bug, please look here first. If you see it described, I'm already fixing it or it's a feature and I'm redocumenting it. Further, if you saw it earlier and now you don't, I've fixed either the program or the documentation.

Not Found: VCL50.BPL, CC3250MT.DLL, and/or BORLNDMM.DLL: The files: VCL50.BPL, CC3250MT.DLL, and BORLNDMM.DLL are modules used at runtime by Borland C++ Builder that hosts this Glee development test stand. You need to download these one time. They are combined in a single Ancillary Code zip file found on the downloads page.

No more open bug reports: .