Contacting Glee: Commentary

General:I use several mail boxes to segregate inquiries to Glee. If none of these seem appropriate, just send email to: I thank you for your interest and will Gleefully respond.

Not covered in FAQ: If you have consulted the FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) and material there does not resolve your issue, this is the place to present your questions. Chances are, if you're confused on a point (or I've flubbed up) someone else may be bothered by it too. I welcome your questions.

Documentation flaws: Flaws in documentation are annoying and time wasting. If you see something you think is wrong, please message me and I'll attend to it.

Glossary of jargon: In any discipline, there is jargon. With jargon you have COIK (clear only if known). Please help me keep COIK out of this Glee documentation. Advise me of terms I should add to the Glossary. Also, if my definition contains COIK or is unclear, I need to correct that as well. Your critique is welcomed.

Interpreter Bugs: When reporting bugs, the more information you can supply me, the better. If you have code that consistently reveals the bug, please include it in your message. If Glee reports program and line number information, that is very useful to me. Otherwise, just give me some clue into the context of the problem. I jump on bugs immediately ... there's no bureaucracy here. Your findings go right to the top. Glee doesn't have a release schedule. My philosophy is "fix it right now and get the fix out" so it doesn't become an aggravation. All Glee code is written with this philosophy in mind and Glee itself supports this idea.

Interpreter bugs come in several styles.

Sales: If you want to buy Glee, I'm flattered. And I have good news for you ... it's free. Just go to download and grab a copy. Now if you know how you and I can make money on Glee, I'm all ears. Drop me a line.

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