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GLEE Demonstration Form GLEE Output Pane Multiline GLEE Script Pane Print output pane below Clear Output Pane Below Set font for output pane below Display Operators in Output Pane Display Namespace in output pane Name Space Clear Choose Output Options Print contents of pane below Command to be executed Clear Edit Window Below Stop Executing Auto clear the output pane before executing Execute command in window below Added command window Clear Associated Edit Pane Choose Font for pane below Select GLEE Object file Save Script in Edit Window Below to File Named In Combo Box to right Load GLEE Script named in Combo Box to right Auto Clear the Output Pane Before Executing Run GLEE Script In Edit Pane Below Create A GLEE Command Window Stop Execution Clear All Input Panes Clear Edit Box Run GLEE code in input pane to right GLEE code edit box for one line commands